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Dash/Gauge lights, Sorry guys!

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Have tried a search but guessing i am not putting in the right words???

Anyway as most know i have a Defender 90 300tdi (95) and again as WE all know the dash lights are... (well you choose your own description) mine would get me a warning from the mods at best, so i have decided to go for LED lights as i cannot afford the TD5 way of upgrading at the mo.

But i am struggling to know which lights to get???

What i do know is i want WHITE

they are T10 501's

they don't want to be more than 3W

no wider than 10-12mm

no longer than 28mm

But there is so many out there to choose from and i am no light wizard so which do i get, any advice or recommendation or experience would be great....

or steer me to a thread/post with the info

Cheers all Mutley

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PM simonb on here, I bought some green leds for my old instrument pack [same as your] from him a while ago, I'm sure he will advise you better than I can.

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Please post what you need to order and how it works out - I need to do similar to mine at some point soon!

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OK so after doing some searching and having seen the Ozzy video on you tube, it would appear straight forward???

If you are like me? you are now P****** your pants in the knowledge as a LR owner nothing is "Straight forward", but hey we live in hope (and cloud coockoo land).

Any way back to the tasc in hand, Firstly get at the back of your dials/gauges and pull the bulb from the holder (just 1 for a start mainly to confirm type)

My defender is a '95 300tdi and the bulbs in the gauges are 501 Bulbs.

The direct replacement is a T10 (LED, SMD) type bulb and you will need x2 for the speedo dial and 1 for each of the gauges but NOT for the clock!

The clock is a different bulb all together and no one seems to have found the replacement for that as yet?

Now for the technical data apparently the 501 bulb is 2Watts and anything over 5 Watts will melt the bulb holder!!! Be warned!!!

Some of these LED bulbs use 7Watts so advise you check before ordering, again there are loads to choose from but the Ozzy guy in the video was using 6 SMD forward facing chip bulbs, simular to these in the picture (if i can get it to work?) x1 Watt


Once you have your LED bulbs it's a straight swap!..... Now the only bit that can go wrong is that these LED's are pollarity sensitve, so as you put one in switch your lights on! If it's NOT working take it out and turn it round! try your lights again and now it should be fine!?! Do this with all the bulbs before you put the binical back because SODS law says one or more will be the wrong way round!!!

Now back to the T10 Bulb DONT use less than 6 chip LED, SMDs other wise you will have done all this for next to no improvemet!

And DONT use more than 9 chip bulbs or the dials will be that bright you can not read them!

Lastly just be careful on the size of the bulb as some are a tadge too big for the bulb holder in the back of the gauges.

Hope this helps some of you out there? Cheers all Mutley

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Right guys quick update.....

The lights shown above are like rocking horse s*** to get hold of!!!......They are advertised on Ebay and else where by about 3-4 different sellers but in reality it is the same seller! And they ship a different light to the picture in the listing/advertisment, blaming supplier has changed the product!?! Annoying!

Anyway as i was fed up of waiting i decided i could customise them to do the job...... At this point i will advise that care needs to be taken when choosing your required light, too wide and they won't fit (and seriously you don't have much lead way!) and ideally you want the light to be at the end as any lights on the side will be wasted due to not being thrown onto the gauges because it is blocked by the light holder!

Other than that it is THAT SIMPLE, just change the bulbs and away you go


This is a photo of mine with the lights fitted, sadly it doesn't do it justice they do look better than the photo portrays


This photo is from the you tube video to give you some idea of the improvement that is made


Again this from the video, i am guessing the steering wheel has been removed to get this shot? as i cannot get the camera at the right angle for the best effect.

Hope this is of help to those that are interrested or thinking of doing this?

Cheers all Mutley

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Do you have a link for the bulbs you ended up using in the end? :)



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No link as such Jon tried several times to order the ones shown above off ebay, but as the sent a different one each time although similar they were a fraction too big!

So fed up with waiting i customized them to fit (careful trimming on an angle grinder, not pretty but the fit and you are never going to see them)

As long as the top (light chip) section is narrower than the shoulder they will fit in ok


At present waiting on some that Simonb recommended


All i can suggest is search ebay most are cheap enough and usually sold as pairs or more, the only reason i am looking to change them is personal preference, Though the lights are white, with the green lens in the dial and gauges it gives an ice white (hint of blue) as shown, me i fancy it a bit greener thats all.

Cheers Mutley

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