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New Magazine Title Ideas


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Thanks for all of your posts on the new Magazine Article Ideas post.

I have a confession to make I'm thinking of starting a magazine. I've done the hard bit and got the advertisers on board and needed something to put between the adverts, so thanks!!

Now for a title, This is hard as all of the good ones are already taken so I was thinking about ..

"Land Rover every four weeks"

Now I know that you all think the magazines are mostly the same so I needed a differentiator! So I thought hard about this one and it suddenly came to me. I will put on the mag the actual month it's published in rather than the next month!! - Good hey! :):)

So what do you think?? Will you subscribe??

Steve ;););););)

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Right now there is not really one decent LR Mag.

They are all too full of adverts and resemble yellow pages.

They all do they same thing (just look at how they all have the same artlcle / RR sport) at the same time.

The tech artcles are a joke, and they are what a mate of mione calls "dentist waiting room fodder"

In my loft I have some old mags from the 80s

4x4 and Off Raod action....and boy they are / were good !

Off Road Motorsport came out as a tabloid, then got swallowed up.

I guess the problem is having enough to differentiate yourself from the other mags, .....not difficult to do, but much harder work than LR* saying " :

"And here is a 5 page article where we show you will pictures how to fit a set of mudlaps and pad out adverts so it looks like there is an article of 4 here - shame they are all absolute Cr^p" type of mag...

Advertising does bring in revenue to cover costs, but in the end without artcles the number bought drop as there are no hard core subscribers, and then the advertisers wane, if you have heavy circulation figures, you can have less advertisers and charge more.....it a sales cycle...

ALL od the US mags are run by enthusiasts, big time technical mods and articles, UK ?...many "Prof Journos" Nuff said....some are beginning to move away from the mass balndness occasionally, but hey go for it !


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"Land Rover every four weeks"

Are you serious - thats the lamest title I've ever heard.

Why not go for broke and call it Land Rovers on the blob !!

I doubt there is space for another Land Rover mag. Something like UK off-road or Practical 4x4 may go down better.

Would I subscribe ? Well after getting bitten by a US mag that appeared to go down the pan after 2 issues :angry: Probably not. Unless the subscription offers made it hard to turn down - but that smacks of LRE :P

PS I think your approach is sneaky :(

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"Land Rover Stuff"

That sounds good, could be the first corssover LR mag :D steal some circulation from Stuff, FHM & the like. On the other hand it could end up just being a big product placement mag as the aforementioned seem to have become, Oh & all the current LR mags.

A good example of what I think a new mag should aim for (for my tastes anyway) is Practical Performance Car.

Now there's a bunch of enthusiasts who seem to ahve hit the nail on the head, hope it's a long time before they get bought over or sell out to "Scrapiron" advertising.

I never understood how a "Waxoyler" could afford double page adverts every month, that's one reason why I steered clear of him.

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I thought this post might get you going Nige :)

As for the free first issue, I was thinking more like the free gift idea you see for those collectors magazines on TV and then have a gift with each magazine.

For example have an Oil Filter for the first one at the heavily discounted cost of 1.99. Then once I have a readership of 50,000 like LRO I will be able to negotiate a good discounts on parts and offer a spare part with each mag. Maybe a CV for one month, propshaft the next etc etc. Obviously the price of the mag will have to alter each month depending on the cost of the part!

Obviously I'll have to consider my distribution routes like the Newsagents and Smiths etc so I think wings rear tubs etc will be out of the question as shelf space is limited.

I could do a build a Defender from scratch offer with parts but I think that will take about 80+ years!!

As for the title suggestions, great :huh: keep them coming... ;)


Steve :lol:

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MUDDY NUTS ! :lol:

DEEP DO DO INTERNATIONAL . :blink: International events of driving up to your snorkel through god knows what whilst towing a naked japanesse game show host by his knackers .

PRACTICLY KNACKERED . :( How to keep your 195.... in perfect condition with only a roll of duck tape !

MUMTRUCK DRIVER . :angry: How to get the most out of your vehicle ....along with make up tips and agony aunt.....eg....my husband keeps getting grass stains on my nuts should i be worried ?

GREEN PAGES . :P Why not copy the motoring section of the Yellow Pages and just add an article in there somewhere .... sponsored of course !

Just a thought .

Shall i leave now .

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GREEN PAGES .  :P Why not copy the motoring section of the Yellow Pages and just add an article in there somewhere .... sponsored of course !

I like that - The Green Pages - got a certain ring about it. What we need is a figure-head.

Someone called Green....must be one around somewhere who understrands publishing.

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I'm with Niall - PPC is a top mag, even if they have succumbed to "Vince Cobley Syndrome" with their "resident guru" Dave Walker, who sells Emerald ECU's. Strangely enough they have forgotten all about their very popular MSEFI installation guide sicne Mr Walker's column got bigger and a nice 1/2 page ad for Emerald appeared... <_< Seems strange for a mag supposedly dedicated to doing things at minimum cost.

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Hey guys, I hear you're looking for a sponsor.

Would be happy to support you in some way.

I really respect you and your Mods.

You can call my products exerciseey if you like.

I'm just a nice guy trying to do a favour.

An offer maybe you don't feel you can refuse?

You see, I want to take care of you.

I spent my whole life trying not to be careless.

Women and children can be careless. But not men.

So, I've sent you a donation by Paypal to treasurer@lr4x4.com.

One day I'll call upon you to do a service for me.

But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day.

Don Vito Scrapironi


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I got wanged by a bit of two-by-four once, is that relevant?

La Dolche Vita-bix  B)


You raise these things on my daughter's wedding day?

To the Capo di tutti Capos.

You thing this shows respect?

I never wanted this for you.

I work my whole life.

I don't apologize.

I work to take care of my family, the magazine, the LRE Forum....

And I refused to be a fool, dancing on the string held by all those bigshots, those enthusiatic bigshots.

I don't apologize - that's my life.

But I thought that, that when it was your time to recive a favour, that you would be the one to hold the string.

Senator Henson;

Governor Henson.

Well, it wasn't enough time, Leslie.

It wasn't enough time.

Don Vito Scrapironi


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Me sprog is workin on a website called "STUF" its about all kinds of STUF, ..... talkin bout STUF, buyin and sellin STUF,STUF wots in and STUF wots not, STUF for kids and STUF for dad(wink wink nudge nudge) and pretty STUF, for the mums.

Theres even a section for useless STUF! he is looking for more STUF for his project so please past on any STUF you may have about STUF. :D

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