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Swapping bulkhead.... how to disconnect wire group

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I've been able to disconnect all the connectors except this wire loom, I can't find any connector for this, so wondering if all wires have to be pull to the inside of the car or toward the engine bay. Is there a connector for this loom? where is it located? thanks.


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I think that goes down to the battery box if so it needs to be disconnected in the battery box pulled out into the tunnel then pulled up into the engine bay there maybe several clips holding it in place. Once at this point all the wires that go through those two grommets (one each side of the engine bay) must be withdrawn into the cab along with those two grommets and the grommet that came out of the battery box. In short the bulkhead loom and fuse box etc leaves the car via the door not the bonnet hope that helps.


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