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No power for Headlights


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Hi All:

I am new to this forum. My daughter and I are rebuilding a 1995 Land Rover Discovery as her senior project. Actually we are taking two bashed in LR and making one good one out of it. We have the front end put together but thought we would check all of the lights before throwing the radiator and other stuff back in. We hit a snag. There are no head lights. The high beams work but there are no low beams. We checked the fuses and they have continuity. We then checked for power at the fuses and there is no power at the fuse box. Can anyone give me an idea of what to look for? I have pulled the fuse box itself but cannot figure how to run any tests on it. Please help. This car is in the USA if that makes a difference.



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Check up from the battery +ve terminal about 300mm away there should be a sleeving over the main batterycable, inside there is a crimp joining the main battery cable with all the smaller supply cables which corrodes and crumbles away leaving the symtoms you have.

Worth a look

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