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Turbo Timer - TD5

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I've had a TD5 Turbo die on me previously and cost a pretty penny to replace. I have been given a turbo timer (simple one that keeps engine running for (user defined) set period of time allowing keys to be removed and vehicle locked whilst allowing turbo to cool)

I know there are legal questions about an unattended vehicle with engine running... there are also mixed thoughts about need for timer on such a fine piece of engineering as TD5.

that aside, I'm looking at installing the timer on my current 2002 TD5 defender and have a couple of Q's:

It wires into the ignition and has

Red - Battery +'ve, - (would I connect this to White Red on Ignition???)

Black - Battery -'ve, - (I'm thinking connect straight to earth???)

Yellow - Ignition - (I'm thinking White on Ignition???)

Blue - ACC - (I'm thinking connect to White Orange of Ignition???)

PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong - I am assuming the ignition wiring on TD5 ignition is:

White Orange - ACC

White - Ignition

White Red - is this Battery +'ve?

White Brown - is this Crank / Starter?

Also - I do have a Madman fitted and I usually let the EGT drop down to below 180 deg C prior to turning off the key, but there are times when I do jump out quick while it's hotter - what is deemed a safe EGT temp to turn engine of at?

apologies if this has been covered already - the only other topic I could find was topic 31805 in this they mention 200 deg GT being a safe temp to shutdown, but that seems a bit high to me

Anyway - thoughts / guidance appreciated

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