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200Tdi intake manifold bolt/blank


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Looking for the size of the bolt/blank that is in the middle of the intake manifold on a 200Tdi Disco, if you are looking at the engine from the side of the injector pump it is staring you in the face, not the ones holding the manifold to the block!

If anyone knows the thread size for it please?

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Thanks for that Jad, want to get a banjo bolt for it myself to plumb in the boost gauge so I can see whats going on, seems to have a lot more power than my mates now it has had a bit of a run in after standing idle for a year and a half and I'm running bigger tyres!!! Think it may have had a tweek but won't know until I can measure it.

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I measure boost at the manifold and have the wastegate plumbed into the manifold. I then have the turbo fed to the injection pump diaphragm.


That is something along the lines that I was thinking, real time boost post intercooler losses and frictional losses through bends and pipes, I saw a TD5 recently that has two boost gauges, pre and post intercooler, good couple psi drop through the cooler and pipes!!!

My thinking is to look at manifold pressure and EGTs to determine running parameters? Could be wrong?

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