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300tdi exhaust


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Fitted a new exhaust system and it sounds too noisy. Its a bxxxpart system . Have checked all over for leaks incl manifold and its airtight. The outlet tail pipe points to ground could this be a factor where as the genuine land rover was straight out. Now I have removed the cat could this be part the reason, I see non cat and cat versions are available . The noise is a booming sound as if its got a pin hole . Makes for unpleasant driving on longish trips Any advice please

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Mine was much the same when I removed the middle section (going to a straight through exhaust), still had the CAT and the rear. Adding the middle back in again (and removing the CAT incidentally) sorted it out though. For me, the middle box was the main noise reducer, and is probably 2-3x the size of the rear box so I also assume there are more baffles etc. to reduce noise.

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I' no expert but I hadan after market exhaust put on my truck a while back and I took the truck back cis I thought mine was blowing - exactly as you said!

Had it checked over and all was except it sounded as annoying as you for the next couple of years when I had to get a new one. When it was fitted I noticed that the centre box was fatter in dia. And ' bliss - no more noise.

So maybe there is more thsn one pattern for the 300tdi??

All I know is I shallbe looking out for this in the future and may help your cause....

Noisey, throaty exhaust is okay when you want it.....


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