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power loss

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hi, d90 1987 200tdi conversion two years ago, right, driving along building up the revs to change to third and I'm getting an intermittent power loss on the pedal, change to third build power up to change to fourth same again, also same in fourth when up to power, on inspection I found that the small pipe that comes off the airflow meter to fuel pump was melted to manifold with a hole in it, changed the pipe with new, but still got the same problem first thought it was water in fuel checked filter all clear, I then pulled the rubber hose off that fits to the airflow meter and I could see a slight oil on the connector, also there isn't so much power in truck as normal, any ideas dd.

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That's the turbocharger, the line which melted is to tell the injection pump the turbo is making boost and increases fuel accordingly.

Now the rod which you say can be moved around by hand should be quite hard to work and should only move in/out of the actuator. This could be your problem, the actuator controls the speed of the turbo and which controls the boost pressure via the rod and wastegate, if the actuator has failed it will either stick closed or fall apart internally and allow the wastegate to open with the exhaust manifold pressure.

I think if you can source a new or good used 200Tdi turbo actuator and fit it it could well sort the problem and return the power to normal.


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remove the rubber pipe going to the wastegate on the turbo, then with attatch a pipe to an air blow gun and fit the pipe to the wastegate. regulate the air with the blow gun and watch to see if the wastegate opperates out and back in when the air is let off if it hisses its and doesn't move the diaphram will be leaking and will need replacing. if it works put everything back together and your problem lies elsewhere.

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I think the actuator is bolted to the back of the compressor housing, 2x 10mm headed bolts and a clip on the wastegate arm.

STC3084 is the part number of a 300tdi actuator, I can't find a 200tdi part number but they're £60 brand new on eBay, The eBay ad says 200tdi & 300tdi so should be a straight swap.

Measure the total length of the rod from the actuator housing so that when screwing the end on if its set to the same length it should give somewhere near standard boost.


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