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v8 breather question......

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So, my latest acquisition is a 90, with a high compression classic Dr engine on Stromberg carbs, I have breather s on both rocker covers, and one on the back of the block, there doesn't appear to be a way to secure the metal pipe in the block, am I being silly??..... I want to fit k&n filters, but this pipe currently goes into the filter housing, I bought a little breather filter, and fitted the k&ns, but the rear breather is peeing oil out faster than I can believe....

Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated......

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Hi Ron,

The rear breather is just a push fit, it is the inlet for the engine breather and is piped in to the airbox before the filter so is at atmospheric pressure, a small filter on it instead should be fine.

If the rear breather is outputing oil or air then the engine is pressurising which could just be blocked flame traps on the rocker cover pipes or more of a problem in worn piston rings?


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Cheers, have ordered a pair, I suspect they are blocked, as its definitely breathing out of the back pipe, and leaking out of the rocker covers, which was causing a misfire due to oily plugs, hopefully new flame traps will solve more than one problem!

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