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Some might have a moan at me for doing this, but I am in a way trying to keep my landys running!

I have a 1957 series 1, currently fitted with a tired 2.25 petrol. As it's not the most upto date engine I have been thinking of an alternative.

I was thinking of putting a rover t16 engine in, however this seems a lot of work for an old engine.

Is there anything more modern which would be an easier fit? Like a 2 l BMW engine and gearbox?

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Always thought a 1.6 OHISE engine was the right way to go with a series one :ph34r:

Just depends on what you do with it? Pootling around not doing much wouldn't warrant the spendometer getting too high but there are some easy options available like the 200/300Tdi an of course there is always the V8 option.

You looking for something exotic?

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In the olden days back before Land Rover had even bored out the 2.25 petrol or diesel and turbo's were restricted to a very odd aftermarket conversation, my 80" ran a 2.0ltr Pinto, as did my mum's 80" trialler. It was a really nice conversion.

As I said in my previous post, it depends what the OP actually wants. If he wants a crazy arsed project that takes 1000's of man hours and a complete vehicle re-build to make work then there are various options. If he does 10k a year as a daily driver, there are other options. If it's for a bit of a laugh, then more options again.

if it was me and mine, I would re-build the 2.25. Maybe shave the head by a few thou, light re-bore, stage 2 head, better carb, lightened flywheel, up spec the brakes a tadge. A nice bit of extra wiz bang pop but no need for too much more. But then I would just use it as a toy and I have little interest in spending all my limited free time in a workshop when I could be driving in the sun!

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Todays 'modern' is tomorrows 'old'. In this case the 2.25 is one of the easiest 'olds' to get parts for :)

Pinto would be a good one as another 'oldy' with lots of parts, as it is very popular in some race series.

I really would stick with the 2.25 and let it breath. Either a pair of SU, or mega squirt? Fuel injection would be excellent :)

We got a lot of power out of one and they can rev a lot!

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I was gonna say, I'm sure he asked for modern alternatives, so far we have Rover V8, Pinto, T16, Perkins Prima, 200TDI and 300TDI...... NONE are modern engines.....

Unless you are going truly modern or want an engine rebuild on your hands, stick with the 2.25 and as above SU it and decent manifolds etc.

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Like a 2 l BMW engine and gearbox?

diesel i assume? like in a 1 series? if im right, there about 160-170hp from the 2.0L. enough to shame most only LR's. :stirthepot:

electrics shouldn't be to hard. but you would need to speak to alpha n. see what they suggest on removing as much electrics as poss!! or maybe standalone ecu??

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I've had two 2.0 litre BMW diesils from new, great to drive........BUT

The first one a 118 was fine until 75,000 miles then turning right at the lights, big bang and it goes on to limp home.

Pull over turn it off and thats it new engine! BMW recovery gent says yup its a known problem.

The second one a 320 lasted fine when I left it at 80.000 miles.

Early 2.0 petrols are worse, they ingest the variable length inlet manifold plastic internals and stuff the engine.

Basically get a diesil but as new as possible.


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Every engine has some fault or quirk, but fact is modern stuff is mostly many times more reliable.

I reckon a Freelander lump would be a good candidate, TD4 would be awesome, 1.8 would be sweet & perky, reckon a S1 must weigh about the same as a FL too.

Failing that, splash out the several pence it'll cost to rebuild the 2.25.

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Given the engine-bay space, unless you want to get into serious stuff like moving the gearbox or radiator you're going to have to go with an inline-4 or a V6. Similarly, any Series is both light and low-geared so ideally suited as a home for a free-revving petrol engine.

A decade or so back, Alfa-Romeo did some very nice 2.5/3-litre V6 motors. There's a nice 2-litre Mazda V6 also (from the MX-6).

4-pots: The 1.8/2-litre Ford "Zetec" as found in Mondeos/Focuses/Escorts is quite popular amongst the kit-car fraternity so there are lots of bits available (water-rails, repositioned starter-motors, sumps) for fitting it in-line. These engines are all unleaded-ready (unlike your existing engine...)

They're all also lighter than the LR engine - so they'll reduce the degree of understeer you experience (you'll be going quite a bit faster with any of these engines fitted, so handling/braking are important!).

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Thanks for all the posts, I only really intend to have something as a bit of a Greenlane, tow, odd 20 mile trip to work kind of thing. I am not expecting lots of speed, just something that I can enjoy.

The 2.25 is tired now, and thought that there must be something similar which is lighter, bit more power and more efficient. Oh and is a easy-ish to fit( no searching for adapters)

I have a megasquirt in my v8 which I am really happy with and did once think of doing it to the 2286. But that seems like putting a sticking plaster over a broken leg!

Would the feeelander v6 or 2.0 fit easily, is there a gearbox to suit?

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How about a defender 2.5 petrol engine?

Noticeably more powerful than the 2.25, bit more economical with the weber twin choke on it, and drops straight in. They also come up dirt cheap...

I seem to remember someone did some mild tuning on one and got it over 100BHP if you want more oomph..

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