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24V Iia: The Smoke Just Got Out Of The Ammeter....


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So I decided this afternoon to fire up the 2a for the first time after the winter.

She ran second time but the choke stuck open so I turned off and free'd it up and then started it again. One of the belts was slipping so I went to have a look and she stopped all on her own. Belts all felt tight and everything moved round by hand so I started it again and wedged the throttle to keep it running while I went to investigate which was slipping.

As I stepped around the door I noticed the smoke escaping from the ammeter. Cue swearing and panic. Turned off and made sure nothing caught fire but the damage was done.

Anyone got any ideas as to what may have caused this?

We were probably going to try and rebuild her this summer anyway and I think this probably makes the decision as the wiring is a mess and most of the truck is held together with rust


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I'm presuming you have a generator not an alternator?

Check the control-box: the slipping-belts sounds like something (generator trying to recharge a rather-discharged battery?) was putting an excessive load on the belt - it could be that the contacts in the control box have welded themselves together - if they have then with the engine stopped the battery will discharge a massive current back through the ammeter and the generator.

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Yep its a generator.

The batteries were both fully charged before I put them in, and it started easily so I would think they were ok. It has been sat for a few months so maybe something has seized/rusted.

I will check the control box, but I think we've made the decision to take it all apart anyway as its a bit of a state, and despite passing an mot last year we dont really trust it on the road.

Cheers for the reply

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