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Automatic Fuses


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Hi all,

I´m now working in a new wire loom that I´m going to build for my 88".

Instead of using normal fuses, that simply blow and need to be replaced, I have been thinking about "automatic fuses".

Many years ago, when I first heard about them, price was high (more than 50 Eur. each) and only used in motorsport.

Today I can buy them for just 5 Eur each. Avilable from 2 to 16A. Up to 36VDC.

Any experience with them in the forum?


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I have always used Brico units, their range is from 5 to 50 amps in 5 amp increments. They are flat and are an easy replacement for the existing blade fuse, they have a small red pop up manual reset button.

The only problem I originally experienced was being unable to re-fit the original engine bay fuse cover due to the increased height of the circuit breaker/fuses, which, now that I've totally rewired the beast the fuse/relay panel is mounted at the rear of the fridge/freezer where the rear passenger side seat used to be in my (it's now a 2 seater) Disco its no longer a problem.

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They have a limited life, if they trip the life shortens, not too many trips can make them dead...

Even the fairly cheap breakers will survive many thousands of over current trips.

Closing a breaker onto a shorted circuit isn't recommended so the practice of pushing the reset to see what happens should be avoided.

The shortened life is caused by operators closing the breaker before clearing the short.

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They have a limited life, if they trip the life shortens, not too many trips can make them dead...

Sorry but thats just not true. At least not to any degree that would affect use in a car.

The ones pictured look like ETA, i've used similar ones in many applications both for my job & in my defender.

In the defender i made a circuit breaker panel and wired it to the existing fuse panel by using male 0.25 spades, that way the standard wiring was unchanged and could be easily put back for sale.

I use these - http://www.e-t-a.co.uk/fileadmin/user_upload/Ordnerstruktur/pdf-Data/Products/Elektromechanik/1_pdf_thermisch/1_pdf_englisch/D_1110_ENG.pdf

As you can see number of operations is in the 2000 to 10,000 range, you will never get close to that.

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