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Led Flixible Strips?


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Looking for anyone with experience of the flexible LED strips that you can cut to size with a pair of scissors.

Looking to add greater illumination behind the center dash console so I can see the symbols and to add some form of courtesy lighting in the bottom of the doors and warning lights for when the doors are open on the sides.

Anyone used them and what purpose and results have you had?

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Used them in a few places....

Under the shelf on my workbench to give shadow free infill lighting.

In the cabinet for my baby CNC mill....


I used the leftover length to resurrect a dead inspection light as a 12V one.

A friend did the inside of his VeeDub camper with the RGB version - can't find any pics though.

It can be a bit tricky to solder the power wires on without damage, but if iy does go wrong, just cut an inch off and start again.

There are choices for the exact 'shade' of white, and at least two densities of LEDs. I used cool white in the higher density.

The surface of the strip is always gummy while warm, so can pick up grit or swarf and isn't easy to clean up again.

For the mill, I put the lengths in polycarbonate tubes, sealed at the ends. Makes them kind of like flourescent light tubes. Works a treat.


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Yeah I've made some interior lights for out team box trailer, fantastic results, just make sure you get the ones you definetly want, there are multiple coulour types and differnt power output ones too and check the number of LED's per strip too.

Some really good non shadow lighting, going to put two lengths in the back of the 90 when I've got a minute.

Also as per Dave's comments, they can be a bit soft, depening on what supplier you used, buts seems a bit hit or miss. Nice cheap good lighting! would defo reccomend. I did a LOT of reaserch for different interior lights and just could't find anything I liked the look of, so decided to make my own.

I just cut some 2.5m long strips of 50mm wide alu plate, then stuck two lengths of the stuff down eaitehr side and added a switch, then riveted it to the roof of the trailer. the Alu acts as a good heat sink too as they do suprisingly give off a fair bit of heat (not "hot" but Irecon enough heat to soften the glue on the backing strip if you;re not careful.

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I used some of the RGB (colour) adjustable ones. They didn't need to be colour adjustable - but I was given a few feet of it for free. I used a controller from eBay which clipped rather than soldered to the end of the strip and let me set the brightness of the red, green & blue LED's to create any colour I wanted, including all shades of white. I thought they were great. Brighter than I expected.


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