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Yet another wheel question


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Currently running 285/75-R16 Grizzly Claws which I'm more than happy with.

Started off with them on standard LR Freestyle alloys which resulted in a turning circle of about 5 miles :o

Changed to 8x16 modulars which I got from D4x4 earlier this year which improved the situation but not as much as I hoped. For the record the D4x4 modulars are 10mm offset (= approx 4.3 inch backspace).

What I'm after are wheels with an approx -12mm offset (= approx 3.5 in backspace). It just so happens that this is what you get with standard Mach 5 8x16s.

Does anyone know if there are any less expensive 8x16 wheels available off the shelf with an approx -0.5 inch offset (= 3.5 inch backspace)?

(BTW spacers aren't an option in this case because they're not allowed in some RTVs up here.)


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