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Time To Find Out Whats Leaking!

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So I have a newish to me defedner 90 1986 county. The previous owner installed a 300tdi engine into it from a 99 Discovery. I think that's what he said anyway!

So today I decided its time to have a look at what I should be doing to keep him happy! So I crawled along under the car to find lots of different colours of fluids! I have attatched photos of all the nice colours and hopefully there locations! Where they have ran to anyway!

Also you will see in one of the photos a threaded hole that I think should have a bolt in it, I could be wrong but I could be right! My mechanical knowledge isnt great but I'm good at following instructions and learn quickly so please be easy on me while I try and tackle all its little problems!

More leaks :(

Yellow fluid?

More leaky


Missing bolt?

Front Diff

Anyone with any advice or if you want more photos let me know! I will start keeping a constant eye on fluid levels and keep them topped up!

I have a feeling that with this kind of car leaks are expected I just don't know what the norm is!


Stephen :)

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If you're refering to the tapped hole in your last but one picture that looks very much like the bottom of the flywheel housing in which case no it shouldn't have anything in it. Well not unless you plan to go wading and then you should plug it, but if you leave it plugged an devlop an oil leak on the gearbox front or engine rear, it fills up with oil and kills the clutch.

If you mean the three tapped holes in the previous photo, I believe that is the mount point for the center gearbox mount when the gearbox is in a discovery, defender mounts differently.

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You have an LT77 gearbox. The large bolt in the first picture is the giveaway. This has a copper washer and has a plastic filter behind it. The red oil is ATF fluid (gearbox), black is engine oil and the yellowish is EP90 (transfer box).

You have a leak on the front output flange of the transfer box and potentially the bottom nut of the diff casing. Another common leak can be the intermediate shaft on the transfer box, which is up in the gap to the left in the first photo, and you can't seal easily without taking the box off.

There may be leak between the main gearbox casing (black steel) and the extension housing (alloy with the large bolt as above). But it may be a leak from the filler plug or if it's from right at the top then the selector housing.

Having engine oil around the flywheel housing hole is fairly common. It can be blown back there from the front of the engine somewhere. If it's coming out of the hole then the rear crank seal is leaking. If red oil comes from the hole then the front seal on the gearbox is leaking. If it's yellow/watery then the slave cylinder is leaking clutch fluid

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