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Steering problem/quiz

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Hi all

1989 19J 2.5TD County SW

I had the tracking done on the above just before it failed its MOT last July - sat on the drive since with me doing the various bits and bobs over the period (hobby car, and due to redundancy and getting a new job on 10K less! - enough of the sob story) Well, everything done bar one thing, the power steering box was leaking. I thought at the time thats not unusual and a swop out will sort for a recon. Anyhow, now I have come to do it I had a light bulb moment when I tested the steering to see how bad the leak was. The drive has been clear of all oil for months even though I take her round the block once a fortnight. Only when I put her on full lock does she pump fluid out of the swivel - rest of the time fine....nothing. I have noted that when I had the tracking done there is a tighter turning, has the guy I paid adjusted the front TRE to far out and compensated by turning the track rod TRE out to get the tracking right but exceeded the steering boxes max? Any thoughts or comments would be lovely - cos I'm still looking for that extra 10K a year so cant spend anything!!! (well not on the landy as its apparently "none essential") Sat breaking my heart as it is booked in for MOT tomorrow, on sly, as i'm off for Easter with daughter, trying desperately to get it through!!! Then there's just the tax to smuggle!!!! :-)

Thanks to anyone who can assist. Do I take the front TRE in, if so how much, do I take the track rod TRE's in to compensate (full circle per full circle to front TRE?) Am I looking in the complete wrong direction and just need a new box? Will tracking/toe in/out be affected?

(Still a newbie - but trying hard)

Best regards


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Yep, thats the one. Recommended fix? I know that sounds daft, as I am assuming you can get a new seal, or is it one of those - "You'll need a whole new box" moments? Experiences on replacing / buying what I need greatly appreciated.


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