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Cant see a noob section so I'll say hello here instead :)

I don't actually own a Landrover, but my uncle has commissioned me to fix his defender 90 300 TDi.

Rock solid vehicle underneath but the bodywork is battered after its little 'incident'

Cant seem to post a link, but if you google 'Liverpool dingle tunnel collapse' it'll put you in the picture!!

Anyways, I know next to naff all about Landrovers but I'm eager to learn! So I'll be badgering for advice and help no doubt!

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Instant write off on an insurance claim, would be a cat C by the look of it, so do that and get paid out, but retain the salvage.

Straighten the rear corners as best you can, along with the sills, throw away the side steps and bull bar or replace if you must. Some used wheel arches in the right colour (or not) and live with it and enjoy !

He will no longer have to worry about scratches or dents, which is very liberating, and will have lots of cash left over !

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