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steering vibration help

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Looking for pointers! My 110 td5 has steering vibration around the 50 mph mark. Its had new wheels and tyres which I have double checked the balance and the tracking all the barings and track ends are good! Was thinking bushes?? Any thoughts please!

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What mileage has it done?

I had a range of issues at around 70,000 miles on my 90TD5 - unexplained wheel-patter and steering vibrations, horrid sensitivity to crosswinds on motorways, and a bowel-loosening not-sure-which-side-of-the-road-I-will-be-ending-up-on twitch if you caught a pothole with the inside front wheel at speed, which was particularly evil when towing our big Bateson twin-axle flatbed.

New yellow gas-pressurised Bilstein dampers and a Bilstein steering-ram damper fixed the problem entirely. Bilstein stuff's not cheap, but it's worth every penny.

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Issues I have found that have caused vibration in steering...

Wheel bearings

Swivel bearings

Steering rod ball joint

Bent REAR half shaft.... yup the rear one!

Radius arm bushes shot

Front prop shaft UJ seized

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Thank you for all that! Looks like I got a list to go through, replaced the panhard bushes today with small improvement, but there is movement in one of the radius arms possible cause?? So will do them next!!

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