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'08 DCPU Rear Springs

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I've just got an '08 DCPU which appears to have heavy duty suspension. I don't carry heavy loads so the rear in particular is very stiff indeed. There are no spring markings visible as the vehicle's been waxed underneath. Does anyone know whether I can simply remove the helper springs?


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Andy, yes, they we're added in the factory - they're part of a package that has the vehicle rated at 3500kg instead of the usual 3050kg.

Question is, what happens if I remove them? I've found a copy of the workshop manual that says the main springs are as-fitted to non-HD 110 DCPUs and USWs. So, if I remove the helpers I should have the same suspension as those vehicles.

Does that mean my vehicle will be high at the front, given the HD springs lift the front end?

Has anyone actually done this?

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