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He hasn't stated anything wrong in the add though. The fact that is was written of, would not bother me, given the chassis is bought new. Looks all pretty decent to me to be fair.

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Its great to have the info passed as at the least folk are aware and can decide if cat C or d etc bothers them. I viewed a cat C Landy today loved it and not an issue.

I wont comment on this particular sale but what would be a concern to me in any potential sale is if the info is not disclosed or denied, that's when I would likely walk away.

I spent 20 mins looking at a particular Landy today and loved it, I did spend over an hour in general chat with its restorer and owner now that's what told me more about the vehicle and just how well it was likely to have been restored.



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I agree that he should annouce that it was written off, and I understand that it is illegal to sell a high cat write off.

This would worry me with a normal car but with a Defender I can't see the difference of rechassis due to accident or rechassis as it fell in half due to rust?

Most write offs are due to econnomical reasons are they not? A Defenders sum of parts could still make it viable?

My main concern would be the use of stolen parts!

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This vehicle has been written off, and when the seller was questioned about it he denies it.

Which website are you using to confirm this? All the DVLA vehicle enquiry tells me is:

Date of Liability 01 09 2014 Date of First Registration 24 06 1997 Year of Manufacture 1997 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2495cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type HEAVY OIL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour BLUE Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Whereas askmid.com tells me

YES P304OET IS showing as insured on the Motor Insurance Database today.

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I think if you paint a blue land rover grey you are supposed to mention it to the DVLA....

That was my point. If it was restored a year ago DVLA should have been informed, If the police decided to do a random search as it looks so good it might invite unneeded attention.

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