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td4 will not rev

ian gilbey

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Hi. I am new on here and would like to ask if anyone can help me please . I have a freelander td4 auto 2002 a little time ago the car stopped working I put it into a garage and ended up changing a heap of parts like tank and engine bay fuel pumps high pressure fuel pump cam shaft and crank shaft sensors all injectors airflow meter and even bought new throttle pedal .got car back with big bill but not working properly it will start and tick over all day but when you go to rev it you get up to 1200 revs and the car stops like you turned the key off you can then start it up again straight away but still will not rev . Has any one come across this before or help me to cure this problem . Many thanks for taking time to read this and look forward to your suggestion .

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The way to sort this is to scope the crank sensor,fuel rail pressure,one injector and the main ecu input all together.With the scope running rev the engine up to the speed at which it dies - then go back over the pages of data to see what you lose and what stays at the point that it cuts out.

Whereabouts are you ?

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Whilst T4 is the best diagnostic scanner to use on your car,the refresh rate is simply not fast enough,(Possibly neither are our eyes/brain.) to see the cause of the problem.A decent automotive oscilloscope,(I use a 4 channel Picoscope) will record everything that happens allowing you to see what is being lost.

I don't know of any LR indies on the island,or back onto the mainland.

You ought to be OK with a Bosch diagnostic centre as the common rail system on your TD4 is also used on loads of other makes / models using pretty much identical components.Plus its been around for a long time so most of its faults in service are well known and documented.

Be sure to pass on all the history and what parts have been swopped etc,the more background the tech gets the better.

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Just noticed when car stops because you hit 1200 revs if you put your foot down on throttle pedal without turning ignition off you hear a buzzing noise from somewhere on the passenger side of engine bay but if you turn ignition off then back on push throttle pedal down there's no noise . don't know if this is connected in any way to fault .

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