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Little 'plugs' in prop UJ - I bet I was supposed to remove the


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OK, I think I've been a plonker... I replaced a UJ on the front prop of my Disco the other night. Once all assembled it moved, but not as freely as the old one on the other end. I figured that could be due to the new one being a "heavy duty" type, or perhaps because it isn't a GK one (its a Bearmach one). Anyway, it was only later I thought about the little plastic plugs that sit in the ends of the spider... in Les's thread about replacing the UJs they're not visible, but in my case they were left on. So, should I now be taking the whole thing apart again?

Photo illustrates what I mean... one side with plugs one without. Which should it be? The plugs, incidentally, are very easy to take off/fall out, but I assumed the were for some sort of grease distribution?!


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They have a "pimple" in the middle to help distribute the grease to the rollers evenly so yes they are supposed to stay in there. I have known some people cut a groove in the end of the spider for even better grease distribution but I'm not convinced.


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They can be a bit stiff when assembled; usualy the result of the cup being pressed in the joke too far and the press fit stops it sliding back against the circlip once assembled. All it needs is a tap from a hammer in the right place to push the cup hard up against the circlip.

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