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Wiring confusion

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I am looking to install a 7 pin trailer socket in my e reg 110.

I have got myself confused over the wiring, which seems to be in a real mess.

I have found a set of 5 wires coming through a grommet in the back.






There is also a second set of 5 which seem to be separated from the rest,


red with green trace,

brown with red trace

White with black trace


Struggling to work out what these wires are for and can any be used to wiring in my tow electrics.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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2nd set look to be for rear wiper motor & heated rear screen wiring

Green = ign controlled 12v feed
red with green trace = rear wiper motor
brown with red trace = none shown at rear in 110 wiring diagram, brown/red is glowplug wiring on non tdi engined vehicle
White with black trace = rear screen heater
Black = standard earth wire colour on Land Rovers.

trailer 7 core colours are all single colour wires








all explained here http://www.the12voltshop.co.uk/Shop/about-towing-electrics-1-plugs-and-sockets.html

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So should I am able to use these, wires as part of the trailer socket wiring.


and pick up the rest, from the other lights, as I would just need the black been the LH side light and blue been the fog light.

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only if the go to the existing socket

colours as per this

Pin Cable Colour


1 Yellow

Left Flasher

2 Blue

Fog Light's

3 White


4 Green

Right Flasher

5 Brown

Right Side light

6 Red

Brake Lights

7 Black

Left Side light
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To clarify - are you just trying to wire up a trailer socket (ie just the metal 7 pin plug) or fitting a new socket complete with cable which you then need to connect to the Defender loom?

The plain coloured wires without traces you found coming through a grommet, is that sticking up through the grommet and projecting behind the metal wiring cover in the corner of the seatbox, or are these wires dangling down through the grommet and close to the tow bar?

If you found them behind the metal cover, you can just pull them put and bin them - probably old trailer wiring which has been cut off somewhere under the car- and in this case you need to push your new cable through the grommet, follow the wiring scheme Western posted and then match each wire with the corresponding wire in the loom - you may need a circuit diagram for your car. (if the red/blue/white/yellow etc wires you found are currently connected into the three way connector blocks, take a note of which one they came from, remove them and then refit your new cable in their place)

the other bunch of wires you found is of no use to you either so ignore.

hope that makes sense

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I am trying to put a whole new socket on the car as it has nothing at the moment. The 5 plain wires I found come up in the rear corner through a grommet these are all together in a neat little wrapping.

The wiring on my car is a right mess as is seems to have been used by the police in the early stages of its life so has loads of extra wires kicking around.

I'll have a detailed look over the weekend, but electrics is really not my strong point.

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