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Rock Solid Clutch Pedal - probably Clutch Fork...

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...from past experience, and reading on this forum, I am taking a punt my clutch fork has pulled through. (That was exciting on a BH Monday in the middle of a very busy roundabout with some blue lights trying to get past!) The clutch pedal went rock solid and I was unable to disengage the clutch to select a gear.

If it is the fork I am going to replace with a heavy duty one - that certainly seems to be the consensus around replacement anyway.

My question is around the clutch itself - might as well give a check and probably replace while in there. I do not do a lot of towing, and certainly nothing very heavy, I have not had any problems with the standard clutch that was in so am leaning towards replacing with a standard clutch for a 110 SW 2.5TD. Interested in thoughts and reasons though on why I might/should to go for an HD clutch instead though?

(Reading the forum I could not determine if there was a pro/anti or neutral bias on this question.)

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In my case it was the clutch fork.

Go for a HD clutch. It's worth the extra ££. I opted not to and was let down within 22 months (pressure plate warped). Second clutch was not heavy duty either and had plenty of life left in it 3 years later when the fork broke but i replaced it with a heavy duty item just the same.

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