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TD5 Cylinder Head Change

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Hi Richard,

i did mine a few months back, I wasn't in a hurry so spread it over two easy days, I could do it in one now I've done one.. (I'm not a mechanic).

Tightening down the head was new to me, a dial torque wrench is required.

Removing the injectors was also required as I was changing them over to a new head, a small crow bar to achieved this.

Cylinder head gaskets come in three thicknesses.

An exhaust stud snapped off so re drilling and tapping which added to the fun..

All in all though just a spanner job for a competent home mechanic I'd say..

Good luck,


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Dave - did you take pictures ?

I'm wondering if you could do a write up ?


I did take a couple of pictures but these were only to assist with putting things back in the right place. As I mentioned, I'm not a real mechanic only a hands on, have ago, follow the manual, ask on here if I don't know kinda guy. Cheers..

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