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TD5 camshaft "lobe wear"

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Hi Guys,

New to the group so apologies for diving in with this,

Can anyone point me in the direction of any thread regarding "WEAR" on the camshaft "lobes"?

I was changing the injector seals/washers, but noticed quite a bit of wear on the lobes etc, i've not seen this before,

There are visible marks on the lobes, and a definite slight flattening of them, the "bearings" on the rocker arms also seem a tad fubar,

I didn't bother changing the seals etc, didn't want to alter anything too much, so just put everything back together and buttoned down until i can sort something.

Vehicle as 2 previous owners, 150,000 miles, extensive full up to date dealer service history etc.
I'm no mechanic, far from it, but for me a lack of oil would be the reason for such damage? or at the least a lack of quality oil?

seems to run fine, no excessive smoke or rattlings etc, (or im oblivious) just sounds like a land rover to me, uses no fluids, leaks or loss of oil or water, it be a mystery to me? the only thing i could say that seems present is slight misfire on low revs, but that could me and my paranoia.

Obviously i need to get this sorted as soon as i figure out the costings and how to,,, paranoia is already setting in when driving it, keep expecting it to die on me at any minute, but i need it for work, it's my only vehicle..

Any info would be most gratefully received

Many thanks


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Thanks for response Ally,

Should the oil have been diluted by fuel, would this have had to be happening for quite a long period of time, to cause such wear.

I was changing the injector seals/washers as a precautionary measure, the last TD5 i had gave me some terrible issues with these, didn't want to go down that road again.

I guess the bottom line now is get the present issues sorted, i don't know what other problems could arise from this, or how long it can run with the lobes worn etc,, gutted to be honest. Certainly doesn't look like a straight forward fix, but i have to do it..

Many thanks


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The last TD5 I had apart was my own,in a DII. I only took the lid off to investigate poor cylinder balancing and what I thought was a faulty injector.Very disappointed to find worn out cam and rockers same as you. I had a good s/h cam in stock so removed the head to change it and then realised #1 cyl had a bent rod.

A full strip down revealed worn out big ends,mains and oil pump as well.After a full rebuild including hot tanking the block after honing and its now running very well...

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Nightmare, can well do without it. I'll source a new cam etc and see what i can do, it will be a long process on the drive :-(

I have to admit it's the unseen damage i fear more than the cam replacement, it's a job i only want to do the once.

It does actually run pretty well on an open road or motorway it bombs along, but trundling around urban with all the traffic light and junction stops etc, hardly getting out of 3rd/4th gears, i tend to feel that difference then, but again that could just be a lot of paranoia. I still haven't got over my D2 just stopping dead on a duel carriageway, and in the middle of the busiest roundabout in town absolute nightmare.

But there's no getting away from the fact that the cam is in need of replacement, just hope that no other damage has been caused, if it has, then it's on the back burner for some considerable time. I'll learn my lesson one day :rolleyes:

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