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How to remove a complete 110 body from the chassis

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extracted from my chassis change thread http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=85416&page=8 so others can use it as a method to do the subject task.

one hi-lift each side with the lift pad facing inwards just to the rear of bulkhead bottom mount, 45 gallon barrel placed each side with a beam ready to slide in, we removed the front grille panel so no need to lift it over the engine, rear end was left sat on chassis [all body mount bolts removed] front end raised enough to get the beam & barrels in place but just clear so wheels/tyres could pass without touching, rear end of body lifted just enough to clear chassis,

rear beam & barrels placed in to support under the 2nd row rear seat cross member & chassis rolled out, & parked out of the way, body was then lifted enough to move the barrels further in under the body to give more support, front end done first then rear, as in the body photo's above.

the forward beam sits under bulkhead & rear beam sits under the rear seats cross member, all nicely supported, just waiting for the new chassis to be rolled under & body refitted.

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in no particular order ---

the 5 tabs on rear crossmember [2 bolts/nuts at each outer end & 2 bolts into each of 3 nut plates on the central 3 tabs. nut plates are actually rivetted to the body lip.

2 mounts just outboard of rear [2nd row] seat belt floor brackets bolt/nut each side]

2 brackets from cross member to rear of front seatbox panel 4 bolts/nuts

4 body brackets from rear outriggers to body panel below front edge of 2nd row rear seats.

4 bolts/nuts through the rear seat underfloor beam

2 bolts/nuts to brackets just in front of front seat box lower front lip

2 bolts/nuts each side bulkhead to chassis brackets

2 bolts each side front wing to chassis brackets

& the bulkhead/door pillar bolts/nuts 1 each side to front outriggers

arrows in blue are where these bolts/nuts fit

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