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Interesting Front End


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This is a Land Rover that has come up for sale back in my home town in Canada.


I found the front to be puzzling :blink:

Has anybody seen the front grill panel look like this before? Especially, the side openings to the radiator opening. Typically, they are about an inch or two higher, not level as they are here.

The Grill, certainly different and it appears to be original. Could it be from a Forward Control ?

OK, the headlight buckets, rusted as they are, I know LR did use them when they were starting to conform to the new export rules back in late 68 - early 69.

The marker and signal lights are just cheap add-ons that somebody installed at one or another.

Any ideas ???


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The last of the series 2a models had the wire grill of the 2a plus the headlights in the wings like the soon to be launched series 3. From memory I think it was 1970/1971.

Apart from the marker lights, looks ok to me.



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This is a Land Rover that has come up for sale back in my home town in Canada.

You know what Lads ? there is someone in Canada crazy enough to try and restore that old baby......... :)

Those projects usually run $8,000 to $10,000 Cdn. including a new galv. chassis........

Most don't know that they could get a decent Series in the UK for a lot less than that including Ocean freight............. :)

I know Todd bit off topic but you know me :) :)

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