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Switch wiring colours ?


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Hi all,

I have a 300Tdi Disco, and have recently bought the switches from a soft dash Rangie (its a bank of six push switches that go just to one side of the cup holder on a soft dash RR).

This bank goes straight into the same place as the Disco has its coin holder, and looks the part for extra lighting etc).

My question is relating to the colours of the wires as I dont have a RR wiring diagram. Each switch has four wires, and presumably one will be the power in, one the power out, one will be the power to the switch illumination (when lights are on) and one might be for the 'Im switched on' light that some switches have.

The lights include; HRW, FOG, FOG2, INTERIOR LIGHTS,CRUISE etc.

They all have a black wire, so assume this is the earth, (but two of the swicthes have two blacks)

Any one got a wiring diagram they can mail me?


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No diagram I'm afraid, but the way to tell without one is to use a meter and measure resistances on the <1k scale.

They will either be

infinite = no connection

short = connected

short/infinite as you flick the switch = the switched bit :rolleyes:

a low-ish resistance, usually to the ground wire = illumination

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