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Stupid aerial cable wont go where I want it to!!


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Off roading whilst listening to the radio, everyones fantasy of fun. Suddenly a giant tree leapt into my path, grabbed my aerial and broke it over its knee. Well, actually it was a bush but it was tree-like in its intentions. So now, my 1993 3.5L V8 Disco with the aerial mounted on the front right has the wheel arch guard removed, the aerial removed and given a burial with full honours ( I chucked it in the bin) the cable (which had actually snapped also and was hanging) also removed, and the cable removed from the back of the radio. Except now I cant see where to thread the new cable. When the old cable broke (somehow) I wasnt able to track and see where it went and now for the god given life of me I cant see how it can go from inside the cabin, happily attached to the radio, to outside the cabin and wind around the interior panels to the little hole which allows me to put it back where it ought to be.

All tips, all advice welcome as all is new to me so please direct your answer as if to a 5 year old child (which I am, by the way),


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If there is any of the old cable left, the usual trick is to attach some string or wire to one end, before pulling on the other end to remove it. It sounds like you don't have access to the other end though.

I have to admit that I cheated, but buying an aeriel that attaches to the inside of the windscreen. This means it is well out of the way of marauding flora. It has a small amplifier for the signal, so it also needs a 12V power, but is pretty simple to wire up. It cam from Halfords, in case you go down that route.



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i cant be sure if im remembering right as i cheated as well when my ariel got broke (parked on road not offroading) but i think the cable comes inside the car above the acclerator right next to the bulkhead.

i happened to have an old carfone ariel in my roof, so i changed the plug on the end & found that works well with the stereo.

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Mine's built in to the osr window. I don't know how much they are, but if they're not too expensive, or you can get one from a scrappie, it may be worth investing in one.

Solves the problem of remembering the aerial's still up when you go through through the car wash, too!

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