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My New Album

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Hey dudes, it's super cool Ricardo Green here.

Ciao, chiavata cogliones.

I keep hearing rumours that not all is well with you addicts....

Bloody scum, pisciones.

Time you punks got your bloody act together.

Sort yo'selves out bros.

What's that?

Shuta your mouth Henson......

Just maka ma day, Mister Leslie - you think yo's hard?


I's hard.....

I'm The Man.

The Green Man.


Now I've cracked this internet carp I'm moving into the music industry.

They all as stupid as you Landy Pandy nancy boys.

Get your wallets out and buy my new CD.

Just send £5 by Paypal to treasurer@lr4x4.com [every purchase acknowledged].

Help me make Cliff Richard look like a bad boy.



Il vostro amico, Ricardo Green.

PS I really is behind you, bros.



Aint that so, Mr Scrapiron?

[Whispers....'Mr Scrapiron is Capo di tutti Capos']


Mr Scrapiron says yes, so...hey guys...I really is behind you.

Invite me to big boy parties.

I'm free most nights.

Well, every night actually since that party in Norfolk.

Sorry about the dress, Annie....

Well, you borrow some of mine.

What you mean I keep busting the zips?

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Mr Scrapiron is Capo di tutti Capos.


Ricky, Ricky



Don't you know walls have ears?

We never met, eh?

We never do deals on advertising, eh?

I never influence nothing.


No talks in Tesco car parks with the Sonny Hoddle.

No holidays in Sicily with the pop star Taylor.

Mama, the boy sings like an angel....'I see fire and I see rain'.


I talk about fire. That's why we fire those unwashed Mods.

They gotta no respect for the Dons.

So just shutta your mouth, you little worm, or you'll be sleeping wif de fishes like Luca Brasi.


Il vostro amico, Don Vito Scrapironi.

Capo di tutti Capos


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