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Here are the 3 that Mal Story(maxi drive MD) calls the "good" rover CV's


Early R/R & Disco CV joints (RR 1969-1987 (to VIN EA305589) - Disco 1989-1993) - 23 spline inner, 10 spline female outer (no stub axle)


Stage one S111 - 23 spline inner 24 spline outer stub


County and 200Tdi Defender - to axle #20L48865 1984-1994 - 23 spline inner 24 spline outer stub (same as AEU1828 but a slightly longer stub)

And here are the carp ones... The info is a bit confusing for some of the later RR/Disco ones - can anyone clarify - LR may have multiple part numbers for the same CV.


300Tdi Defender (1993 - current) - crappy (tiny) 32 spline inner, 24 spline outer stub - from axle #20L48866


Later model S1 Disco (Non ABS - 1993 - ?) and RR (Non ABS - 1987-1989 (VIN EA305590 - JA624755))


Later model S1 Disco (ABS) and RR (ABS - 1987-1989) - with 10 spline outer

TDJ000010 - possibly also STC 3051?

Range Rover Classic 1992-end ABS Disco 1 - with 24 spline outer (I think).


P38A Range Rover - don't know splines


S2 Disco - don't know splines

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from Paul(Aussie110)

I can add a little to that

200Tdi uses RTC6862. My front axle is 20L72657 and is a very early 200Tdi (Nov 92), the change point is 20L48866, well back in the pre-Defender days.

200Tdi's appear to have the worst of both worlds, weak RTC6862 CV's and flimsy 10 spline shafts.


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