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TD5 overheating

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I have a Defender TD5, year 2000 and recently I've had some serious overheating issues. It first occurred when I was on the M25 and all of a sudden the gauge got very high so I pulled over and steam was coming out of the expansion tank.

I then put 10 litres in and went on my way, which worked fine, then on the way back (so having travelled about 60 miles) the same happened again and the tank appeared to be empty again.

Since then its got worse and there are no visible leaks from any pipes so I was very confused.

Having taken it to the garage they have replaced the Thermostat, Water pump, heat gasket and had the head skimmed, but still the problem persists.

Anyone please got any suggestions?


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they are saying compression test showing nothing, so could be a blockage somewhere and maybe fuel cooler

I'm going out of my head on this.....any further suggestions would be much appreciated before I take it to the edge of a cliff and push it off!

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So you have change water pump / rad/ head skimed/ thermostat and it still overheats now you say compression test shows nothing but if you had no compression it would not run to overheat so don't understand that one so did the garage test the head for cracks have you checked top and bottom hose and heater hose for soft spots Whitch can corse them to suck them selves in when system pressurises and does the heater get hot and you must make shore to bleed the system but while it's in bits try and flush heater matrix / engine/ oil cooler / fuel cooler and anything else connected to the cooling system with a hose pipe and see what that does

Good luck bob

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Have you checked the core plug under the exhaust manifold for leaks? You said the pipes, but worth checking this too as it's a common leak point. The will normally be tell tale signs of evaporated coolant though.

Depending on year, there is also a pipe that runs round the back of the engine to the oil cooler, but this is blanked off on later models (it was on the d2, so someone can correct me if this isn't the case on the defender), and the blanking plug can fail and leak. This is also in an awkward spot under the exhaust manifold.

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so would you suggest taking the heater matrix out and flushing it or can I just disconnect the 2 pipes and put hose pipe down one so it comes out the other one?

i'll also look at the pipes for soft points

thanks for help, much appreciated

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no I've not replaced that one but I did notice the inside spring seems to be pushed over......

could that really have the result I am finding?

you can drive it around normally with no problem, its just when you push it hard it comes out the expansion tank

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When it pushes coolant out of expansion tank is hot as in steaming if not it could be the cap as suggested by dave88sw if you can not find anything else as last resorte take to old school garage and ask them to check for hydrow carbons in the water (sniff test) if there is none that means your head and it's gasket is fine and your problem lies in the (rad / w pump/ thermostat /hoses/ cap ) unlikely to be fuel or oil cooler more likely cap/ thermostat you can test thermo with boiling water in clear glass by dipping it in to see if it opens and closes properly make shore glass can take hot water as for the cap just get a good seal round it and blow if you can blow though it it's knackerd so replace it other than that I don't know just keep trying things like bleeding and flushing system out


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