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more crap from Greenpeace


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Well i guess it wouldnt of crossed their mind, how many Enviromental issue's they would of infringed by creating "X" amount of minutes of footage (Bow...Loxx)?

For one, i bet the film crew drove to the location with a dozen trucks....

The list could be endless..........

"Dont throw stones in a glass house" Think thats the metaphor for such nonsense...........

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mmm more carp from greenpeace.

MMM as pen and teller say . Greenpeace are never ones to let the truth get in the way of a good scaremungering

See this and get ready to rant

Greenpeace vid

Seen that on their site - usual b******s from them.

These guys and gals really are a joke.

I used to support their cause and used to watch the news enthralled when Rainbow Warrior used to do battle with the big whaling ships, getting inflatables in the way of the whaling operations... it was inspirational stuff, and had me wanting to do something along the same lines. Now the best they can muster is chaining them selves to a Range Rover on the production line or camping outside a Power station like CND used to do outside Greenham Common......how inspirational is that????!!!

Thay have turned into a bunch of exercisers who wouldn't know a factual accurate argument if it smacked them in the face.

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yup, seen that carp before. There's a di*k at work who is heavily into them and he "disaproves" of my "HGV" use (as he put it one lunch time.....he only said it once mind....). What really makes me laugh about him is I cycle in past his estate every day on the way to work and drives a bloody new passat to work! :blink:

worlds gone mad.

Just like that clown who drives his Discovery 15 mile to the local recycle plant to recycle his bottles every week. He's probably doing more damage driving there than he is good by recycling the bottles.....but he tells me we should all do it (whats wrong with using the bloody recycle box outside the house???).



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Hopefully if they get any further up their own ring-gears they will dissapear, which would be good for the environment as all the lentils and stuff they eat give off lots of global warming gasses, only problem is you can't attatch the word 'SUV' to it so it doesn't get talked about as much ;)

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It was on the news this morning too. Some people will have to pay 200% more, just to park on the street. That anal retentive and gawky brainbox, Bamber Gascoine was interviewed after pulling up in a bright yellow electric lentil tin. Someone should prosecute the council for harrassment and victimisation.


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Greenpeace should shut up and get smart. Flogging the motorist and demonizing 4x4s will only get peoples backs up. They should change strategy and lobby the government for tax incentives to encourage bio-diesel and SVO. That way we have:

1 - A crop farmers can grow to absorb C02

2 - A cheap alternative to Diesel on the forecourt that *everyone* can use.

If biodiesel was at my local supermarket at 20p less per liter than regular diesel then Im sure the queue would be around the block.

Another advantage would be less of those flimsy porous V8's about :ph34r:

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