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superwinch ox winch


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Which one Si, the Ox or the Husky?

The Ox. Paul, Nick or someone dubbed it the Bison. The motor has a funny spline on it and is not compatible with current motors. The one I had struggled to pull my 110 up a kerb! A shallow kerb at that!

I looked into getting a new motor for it - but it was going to be £400 plus shipping from the US. I bought a new 8274 instead figuring it would be cheaper!

Now, having better facilities, it might be interesting to have a look at one and try to adapt it for a regular motor - but it would have to be very cheap!


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Hi folks. Raising an old thread here.

I just got an old Ox (I believe. It's part no. is 92-52000).

The motor is lacking, and so is the motor gear.

Now my plan is to make it hydraulic. If possible real fast too.

Does anyone on here know how fast the electrical motor is, and at what the ratio of the transmission is, or where I can find the info?

If the need to replace the gears occur, wich it may well do since a hydraulic motor will probably be slower and stronger, do you guys think I need to strengthen the house?

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