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Rear tub wheel box removal

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I'm new to posting so here goes

I wanna fit forward facing seats to my d90, the seats I wanna fit r Audi a3 seats I've fitted them in the front no problem a lot more comfy, I'm going to remove the bulkhead an fit a bar the question is the Audi seats are abit tall jus to fit in d bac as dey r I was wondering how much can you cut off and lower the wheel boxes so I can fit d seats I've got a 2" lift kit on 265x70x16 tyres and 30mm spacers so there's lots of clearance between tyres and inner wheel box. There roughly 10" tall by 11" deep give a take need to take arnd 4" or 5" off both would that be possible sorry about pic but that's an example wot I mean hope some1 can help.


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You'd hit the top of the spring seats, so it wouldn't be possible.

I can't see a picture.

Also the forum has a suggestion on using proper English, we're pretty liberal with spelling and grammar, this might be pushing it a little.



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Hasn't the Puma got recessed wheelarches? I'm sure I've seen a kit where the wheelarches can be modified with recesses to enable the Puma's forward facing seats to be fitted into older Defenders. I can't, for the life of me, remember where I saw it...


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It's not when they are in a static position, more when the axles are articulated or when you hit a pothole at 80mph.

It's a risky thing to do.

If you can calculate the maximum movement then it would be fine.

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Hi Staffo!

Just asking, not getting at you, mind you - are you dyslexic, by any chance? The reason I ask is that your writing style is very similar to that used by some dyslexic people I know.

If you are dyslexic, you might want to put a signature in your profile to that effect.

The reason why the posters above are repeatedly making the point about English is that we have a lot of people posing here who don't have English as their first language and can't cope with telegram speak.

Anyway - sorry if this sounds like I'm having a go, I don't mean to, but I've had a really rotten day and am as grumpy as hell, as a result I'm not as diplomatic as I can be.

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Hi gazzar no I'm not m8 I'm jus ust to txtin a lot dats all cheers 4 caring do xx

Well please use correct English on here, it's confusing for members who are dyslexic and for those who's first language might not be English.

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