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Les Brock

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Would like one for the Disco, now I don't really want to spend out for an Engel does anyone have any ideas/reccomendations ???

12v and gas would be good, and I'll prob get a solar charger as well(again reccomedations) so the 2nd battery last a bit longer (its a split charge system so it can be run flat and not affect starting up again) not that it helps the leisure battery though, hence the solar helping it a bit !

I also want it to work, not just blow air around and not acctually cool anything :(

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Engels are expensive, but they are bloody good, and are a lot less drain on your battery than the cheaper alternatives. They also have good re-sale if you ever have the need to flog it later on.

I agree - ask any Aussie off-roader and they'd probably say Engels too.

Can you get em cheaper in Italy, Holland or Germany?


Amendment: Sorry - just realised previous post from an Australian. He should know. The wife's from Brizzie so we've been over there a lot.

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A compressor fridge like the Engel uses a lot less electricity than a 3-way fridge.

There are other makes of compressor fridges. I have a Waeco which I am very happy with. There used to be a guy on the german ebay (www.ebay.de, not sure if he still trades) who sold them for a lot less than UK prices. Ordering from him worked fine.


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I've got a genuine LR one which is a compressor type rather than the cheapo "cool / heat" types. Runs for days on battery and has even managed to keep things frozen for the entire course of a (very very very hot) weekend. I think it's a rebranded one made by one of the manufacturers already mentioned in this thread.

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