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Corrosion Warranty - Are they worth trying to keep?


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Had a bit of a debate recently about corrosion / perforation warranties.. To keep them valid you have to have the car inspected regularly (pay for) and play by their rules to avoid it becoming void.

However, I think that by the time you may want to have a discussion "oi, my motors got an 'ole in it!":

  • Its too late and the bodywork is shot.
  • You've paid a mint trying to keep the warranty valid....
  • The Dealer will wiggle out of it anyway leaving you with a corroded mota and no benefit..

So, are they best ignored then while the wagon is new, clart it with Waxoyl and re-clart on an annual basis... ?? At least this way, you can fill all the nooks and crannies with way before mother nature fills them with crud ;)

Its a quandary... thoughts and opinions welcome....

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my view only....I would completely ignore it and thoroughly waxoyle the whole thing.

IIR the corrosion must be obviously from within. Thw wifes old x-trail had a rust spot on the roof of all places and the dealer said"it's a stone chip". It wasn't, it was a little prout spot of steel that was buffed flat and the paint was buffed off it, as soon as we took delivery it was a brown spot in a few month. The alloys were the same. I fought tooth & nail to have the alloys refinished as they blistered within a few moths. dealers response - "they don't put salt on the roads in Spain so they don't have this problem with the spanish paints" !!!!!!!! EH?!??

When they fixed them they had the x-trail in the dealers on axle stands for 10 days! Ex brother in law worked for nissan and he said that loads of bodywork warrantys were knocked back as policy, even though he knew they were because of poor production techniques.

You takes your chances.....


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i thought that if you had the inspection done at the same time as a service it was FOC (well they prob bump the service price up)

Its also a perforation guarantee, if theres no hole - eg loads of rust but it hasn't gone all the way through then its not perforated so they wont do anything about it.

a mate of mine has a tomb raider 90 whic despite being only 2years old (i think) has alot of corroission problems, hes got nowhere with LR and now gong through the process of legal action i believe and starting to get somewhere.

i will email him this link and see if he adds anything.

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I'd waxoyl it properly when it was new. Wish I had done that to my Discovery now, before I had used it at all. The standard underbody corrosion protection now is rubbish, since they stopped using the black gunky stuff on Defenders a couple of years back.

Corrosion protection is only warranty when the panel perforates from the inside out so unless you can prove that I'd say pin that page up in the bog and do what you need to re. making your own arrangements.

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Appreciate the views, keep 'em coming! :D I must admit the most sensible thing to do is to plaster it with Waxoyl, especially as it will be located in Aberdeenshire with forages into the Highlands, winter salt capitals of the universe!! :ph34r:

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You can't go wrong if you slap it with Waxoyl provided you get complete coverage. If you leave any areas not covered the corrosion is accelerated there. The squirty things they sell you aren't much use for inside chassis sections.

Modern day defenders seem to corrode very badly, if you intend keeping one for ages just budget for a galvanised chassis replacement one day...

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My 110 is just a year old and had the black gunge all over the underneath. When did they stop doing it?

Apparently body inspections are done with the services, mine goes in next week for it's 36,000 service.

(it gets used a bit. :) )

I thought about kleentec (coloured black so not too obvious) underneath on mine, but the cost is nearly the same as a galvanised chassis (fitted!) so I thought I'd go that route if I keep it long enough. That way its cheaper if I sell it first.


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