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Discovery 2 TD5 battery earth cable locations


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Hi All

Can anyone tell me where the two earth cables that come from the negative battery terminal connect to?

I stripped my engine bay around 3 years ago as part of a full rebuild and have only just started putting things back together (it's been a very busy few years!) I took photos of everything as I stripped it but unfortunately lost these...

Any help appreciated, pics below of the cables in question

Thanks Peter


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Thank you gents, I think I got there in the end, fingers crossed

I'm sure all the info is in RAVE and the library above but I'm useless with electrical diagrams

Just to close it out - I think the thicker cable goes from battery negative to a bolt on the alternator mounting bracket, thinner cable goes to a lug on the inner wing sort of between the fuse box and brake fluid reservoir

Thanks again

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