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What colour should I paint it?

Mean Green

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I have just bought a 1996 5 door 300tdi 5 door.

It is in fairly decent condition, apart from the usual little patches of corrosion the bodywork is straight. However the paintwork is not that great. (Westminster grey (I think))!

A mate has offered to respray it for me. Initially I thought about Tangiers Orange, but I wonder if it has been done to death.

So I am looking for other suggestions (with or without pics) of colours that look good on a Disco.

This is the 1st attempt at a full vehilce respray, so to make it a little easier I think a solid colour would be better.

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depends what you want to do with it...

I saw a bright yellow disco with black bonnet and roof that did loog GOOD... but that was an off-roader.

Mine is the standard Rioja Red, with I'm starting to convert the bottom bit to black (wheels, tyres, door bottom black chequer plated..). I've been told it looks good too and not too "flashy"...

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Epsom Green micatallic

Easily the best colour in the world, ever :)

Land Rover kept it in their colour range for nearly 10 years when the usual life span of a colour is about 3 yrs, says it all really ;)

Rioja Red is nice too, as is Niagara Grey if you want something subtle. Avoid black (looks flat) or white (just looks horrid), silver not too bad but will show every little dent and ripple!

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Avoid .... white (just looks horrid)..

Oit Mr Monster! My White one looks Ok... Ok, it doen't look great but it came that colour ... :huh:

I liked the Yellow/Black US one that was posted a few weeks ago. I'd go down that sort of route for an off roader!

Has anyone done a Tiger Striped disco yet?

Oooo here come the bad taste police to cart me away..... :ph34r:

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