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... it's not a 1" bead of pritt stick round the edge.....


I $%^& hope not!!! I'd view flying with less enthusiasm if Pritt had anything to do with wings / chassis

I'm going to give it a go and see what I end up with,

as for cleaning / preping aluminium before attempting to weld it, the consensus of opinion is:

  • stainless wire brush to break the oxide layer,
  • scotchbrite / brillo pad
  • acetone

What's everyone's preference / have they tried (Ive used the stainless brush, do you need to use all or some of the others too)?

What about preheating? (Is that for Tig only?, Does anyone do it?)

Found a good guide here, although for TIg by the looks of things http://artsautomotive.com/publications/8-automotive/86-welding-beginner-guide-to-aluminum/

Thanks in advance for any guidance / comment


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I mean have a go, why not? You will get some good welds and some not so good. It is a fearsome crackling explosion with Mig ally, if you are used to steel.

You need the amps up higher than normal. As well as all your other good advice, keep the cable straight from machine. I used 6mm wire in an 8mm tip. The wire end does blob easily otherwise and you are pulling it out of tip from time to time. This is an inevitable when using basic standard welding gear

Beware if welding any existing bodywork, that Birmabright is even dodgier to fuse.

I plug welded quite a bit like wings brackets etc. Mmm.........I would have been better with the normal rivet method and Sika I think. Portamig 210 amp........I hate to think what it would be like with one of the low powered budget welders. like my old SIP 130 :unsure:

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This is probably a little below the level of this feed but here it goes.

I've only just bought a 1995 defender and it seems to be on pretty good nick.

The bottoms of the doors are very rusty and I want to try replacing them myself,for the experience and to gain a skill.

I am completely new to this so looking for advice on welding tutorial and equipment.

Many thanks.


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never done the job myself, so cannot offer been there done that advice

however there are a load of posts on google it seems:


On welders, there is this thread on here:


Don't want to be biased about selection hence you can have a read about what others use.

The best guidance on welding I've found is here:


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