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New steering box

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1 hour ago, Badger110 said:

Is it a specialist job to recon a steering box or possible in the workshop?



It’s another BritRest YouTube video.  Looks mostly straightforward, as long as the concentric input shafts are intact.  They also have o-rings that can leak but aren’t touched by reconditioners.

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8 hours ago, Badger110 said:

Is it a specialist job to recon a steering box or possible in the workshop?



Easy enough. the few special tools can be made/adapted.

Unless abused, most steering boxes "should" last for years with minimal wear, it's the sector shaft leaking that kills them

The only way to properly cure that, is to repair the worn section where the seal runs and regrind to size, that's the specialist job.

Any of the other potential leak points are easy to deal with.

The supply of good reconditionable boxes is drying up, many will have been weighed in for scrap over the years when it was cheaper to buy another non leaking second hand box.

I see some of the better reconditioners will now also only do the box you send them, probably because of the junk they've had back in exchange after sending out a recon box.




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12 hours ago, Stellaghost said:

No I would say traditional Defenders have become the new cash cow for suppliers, just look at what they sell for, you could have predicted the part supply chain would want their cut regards Stephen

Sadly I think you're right. The cost of those aluminium hinges is something else which annoys me greatly.

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I’ve just rebuilt two 4 bolt boxes for spares. The shafts were worn and pitted at the bottom so I had the seal area ground and chrome plated (£45 per shaft locally)

All new Koyo shaft needle bearings were £35 the set (B2012, B2016 and B2020 bearings). Corteco full seal / O ring kit was £17.

I did strip a third box down which ironically I thought would be the best as was the newest off my Puma but that had suffered one of the shaft needle bearings breaking up and had scored the shaft on the bearing surfaces rendering the shaft scrap. 


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