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Argggggggggh Kin 90 V8 arrgggghhhh <poss rant alert>


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Well today saw me rise bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Actaully neither ..............................just plain grumpy

I had decided to sort out the options left for the misfire on the V8, I have done the alternator,

(still had a misfire :angry: )

found I have not too good earths, sorted them with 2x new earth 35mm welding cable hex crimped and soldered -

(still misfire)

and bought a new battery as the optima was dead, ....and fitted last night.........

(started better - but still a misfire :angry: )

So, seeing as everything I did / have done still gives me a F Misfire.

I decided to buy a new loom, a few very very very knowledge mates have pointed me this way.........

So, today was new EFI loom time,

brand spanky new, .....

genuine, .......................

absolutely the "Ballon de chein" in terms of new, .........

and cheap....Nah......but cheapish due to a "Friendky discount", ................

basically you'd struggle to buy bits and make it for this, ....but stuill not cheap :o .............

So today after the F about above I popped into the garage and started it up..........

NO MISFIRE :angry:

I swear thisd thing knew what was coming...........

So off with Bonnet, Air Box, Snorkel, AFM pipe to Plenum, Floor coverings interior trim x55 bits, and 1 day later I had the loom out...........

Oh how happy was I to see that they had changed the colours of the F key wires I needed to alter ,

oh how I laughed being that I failed 'Kindergarden begineers wiring'.

Oh the sheer fun you ******* at LR parts

Sorted it finally,

altered the loom to match (no fuel cut off, extended wire to megajolt, cut out relay to Fuel overrun) and chopped off a perfectly good plug and jury rigged it.............

Misfire gone :huh:

But why do I just not belive it ? :huh:

Bet it will be back :angry:

Tomorrow finish fitting and tidying up wiring and then I am going to take the old loom apart to see if I can fiond anything :angry:

God I have the hump :angry:


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Guest diesel_jim

Get the old loom, get a multimeter, and check each wire in turn, i bet you'll fins a break somewhere (If the misfire was intermittent, then you may have to "wriggle" the loom to see if it beaks)

solder in a new piece of cable, and hey-presto! a spare loom!

(Hmmmm.... my Tdi only needs one wire.... B) :D:D:D )

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I feel the same way except replace "90 V8" with "####kin boat"

What's happened now Stephen, or shall I pop over to ribnet, and see !! :(

Sorry for side track Nige, (slapped wrist self-administered)

Ps, do not listen to the hobbit !!!

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Fianlly finished fitting in and have taped in down inside far neater than last install.

12th Nov is a AWDC DRD, so am going to see what happens misfire wise...

On the road it is erm....... OK :D , managed to frighten myself "In 5th" :lol:

I am decididly unconvinced that the 12th will be misfire free, but I can live in hope...........

Nige :huh:

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Speed ratings are quite flexible though :)

Some folks here still use tractor tyres (11.5/80x15.3 implement tyres, but tractor tread) which are mostly only speed rated to 25mph but I've seen them doing getting on for 3x that speed, does sound a bit like a squadron of Spitfires in "Tally ho scramble Jerry at 3 o'clock" mode though :lol:

The tyre should have a load/speed index stamped on it, have a look and post it and I have a thing somewhere at work with what they all mean, or you can search for it on tinterweb. You're looking for something like 108N or 112Q.

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