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What should I do with a v8 block?


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Was given a v8 block yesterday. It's got a crank and a couple of pistons but I think some of the bearing caps are missing and it's got no heads. No idea what size it is or what it came from but its got a torque converter still attached and looks in reasonable condition.

So, what should I do with it? I was thinking of making one of those coffee tables with it. Could also have it as a garden ornament perhaps?

Ideas gentlemen, ideas!

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Never liked the coffee table thing, but I thought it'd be cool to polish a V8, stand it on it's end on a single thick steel or alu pipe with a heavy base. Then get one of these high end docks with the exposed valves and mounting it in the V, and putting small diameter high output speakers in the cylinders. You'd need a biggish man den to carry it off but it'd be a 'piece' for sure.

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