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Possibly the wrong section for this but looking for a little guidance.

I Just bought a 1995 Defender 110 County Station wagon. And really struggling to find decent insurance. I was surprised how many insurance companies wont insure it because of the number of seats or the bench style seats in the back.

I have tried a few insurance companies I found in Land Rover monthly but even some of them are not interested.

Can anyone recommend a reasonable insurance company for this car?

Many thanks


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Do you need all those seats? Removing the benches is a simple way to reduce the seating capacity which will probably help your quotes.

If my experience is anything to go by, removing seats would not help. First it counts as a modification which ups the premium, secondly the companies that I contacted stated that they would quote against the standard spec for the vehicle - removing seats wouldn't help.

NFU didn't want to quote because I'm not a farmer, smallholder or in any other way connected to farming. Online systems often use a counting system whereby too many changes from standard, regardless of impact, automatically result in refusal to quote. I found Elephant to be best, but I needed to speak with a person first. Even that was not easy - too many people just working their way through scripts.

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Shame NFU are so much. I've just renewed with them on the 110 and for the fifth or sixth year the premium hasn't changed. All mods declared, unlimited mileage, business use fully comp (including Europe) for just under £400. The other policies I looked at wouldn't include bits I needed like business or wanted to limit mileage to a very small amount etc, or had problems with the number of seats as you have found.

Did you try the NFU call centre or your local office? Local offices are often much more helpful than the call centre.

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