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A good quality 20w50 mineral oil & change it (& the filter) every 3000m. My 3.5 gets done every year, despite only covering around 1500m. I wouldn't bother with expensive synthetics as the old RV8 oil pump needs something to get it's teeth into.

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Pardon my ignorance! I once spent so long studying oil specs. that my brain hurt. By the time I sussed product (local) availability, carriage in some cases & prices I've settled on Comma Classic 20w50 (which is, I believe, the same as Halfrauds) & change it every year, usually at less than 2000m.

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Mineral oils will deteriorate faster than synthetics, especially in older engines where the bores are more worn and combustion products get in the crankcase. At the change intervals mentioned above, probably not an issue.

I have always used a moderate quality 100% synthetic BUT changed at mineral intervals (10000 KM). Got my old 3.5 V8 to nearly 400K KM (it was the bodywork that led me to sell it, engine was fine) and is also good for nearly 300K KM on my 200Tdi.

I use a 5W40, means that the oil gets round faster when cold and doesn't load the oil pump so much, but has the required viscosity at running temperature. I buy it at the local hypermarket at less than half the price of the "brand" synthetics.

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