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Rubber Bumpy Thingies !

Les Brock

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In an effort to stop bashing the rear of the truck in and a load more busting military new style reflectors :(

I thought about the lorry rear rubber bump stop thingies....like Landy ones but 3 times longer and about 3/4 inches deep bolted onto the rear crossmember.

sure I saw a pic of a 90 with some on somewhere.... <_<

But from where ?

the other option is the Bearmach Srapiron styleeeee type, but my reat body cut away so these will look a bit daft :unsure:

Any other ideas ????

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Any other ideas ????

bout time you learn't where the rear of the 90 is :lol::lol::rolleyes:

A LGV truck/trailer parts supplier should be able to sort a set of the big rubber buffers :D

just like those Dave has found above :D

I have enough difficulty keeping track of where the fronts going...without worrying about the rear !

I did google truck stuff and found nothing... :blink:

cheep and chearful that'll do for me..Cheers Dave !

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What about:

Bend a bit of coathanger wire into the shape you would have wanted your rubber bumper and arrange a switch such that it switches on when you press on the wire.

Connect switch to your horn and you'll soon learn where the back of your Landy is!

Actually, this sounds ideal for me!


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Hang on......

to be fair I've only smashed two !

the others were lost <_< , when a certain person was caught swapping the indicator and brake lenses and I did'nt check they were tight.... :(

the ones at Ton'y bash were my fault....I did'nt see the tree in the blind spot :lol:

but a £30 a lense its not funny :blink:

if it happens again a cheap set of standard one are going on, but there no where near as good B)

anyway rear tubs got character now :D


I'd bust that as well :lol:


Mmmmm I used to like you ;)


Don't encourage them ! :rolleyes:

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look up the price of the new style screw on military lights... :blink:

I have a local lucas depot in Gloucester, they'll be cheaper there...errr...no...£78 plus Vat for the whole fitting, sorry sir but thats the price !

can you buy the lense on its own....

Yes sir

£72.... :huh:

local dealer did me a special price of £30 they normally sell them for £50

moral of story stick to the cheapo original placky ones ;)

looking for a years supply at sodbury.....around 3-5 each

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what about fitting these mesh type lamp protectors, like all the smart folk do? ;)

not sure they'll do much if you reverse into a tree though :lol:

They are from the same dept of H & S that makes you wear a plastic hardhat when standing under a 20 ton container hanging off a crane, in case the container falls on your head :lol:

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