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bolts left after clutch change

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Hi, Newbie here, I removed the transfer case then the gearbox to change the clutch on a 2002 TD5 defender over christmas. Due to the weather and other commitments it has dragged on for far too long. Now its all back together I am left with 2 100mm long 10mm bolts , can anyone please tell me where they are supposed to be fitted. I have checked the bellhousing and the transfer case but can't find any holes to put these into.

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100mm are quite long, on the bellhousing there are 2 long bolts just as you describe at about the 4 and 8 o clock positions, they're easy to miss because the bosses they slide through are set back away from the mating face and are therefore much longer to pass through the bellhousing. Otherwise, i can't think of any other bolts that would be anything like 100mm long (and i did a disco td5 clutch change at the weekend!!)

Hope that helps

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