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2008 RR - Transmission failure - limited gears available


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I have a 2008 RR 3.6 TDV8 vogue se with 100k on clock and full main dealer service history.

Just before Christmas a series of warning lights were displayed, brake, air suspension, special programs off and finally "transmission failure - limited gears available". The vehicle then lost all electrics and wouldn't restart.

I had it recovered to main dealer, diagnosed as starter switch, replaced and all ok.

One week later, transmission failure message reappeared when accelerating up incline.

Back to dealer, diagnosed as "Incorrect gear alignment between 3rd & 4th"

Dealer offered to replace gearbox at £6k.

I'd like to get it done at a more reasonable cost, been quoted £1500 by birch motors in Liverpool but dont know anything about them.

I'm based in Bolton lancashire, can anyone recommend a gearbox specialist in the Lancashire / Manchester area.



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Thanks for quick responses.

Drives ok most of time. Message has appeared three times, all when driving up an incline. On each occasion I've pulled over, switched everything off and back on, it comes back with all gears available again.

Each time it's happened it feels like it's slipped out of gear so vehicle lurches and revs high



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hmmm I had similar on my fathers RR. but unsure if the same as your fault to be honest. but for 5 minutes work might be worth a try, He had the box losing drive and would flash up with gearbox fault and would have to pull stop go back into P and then back into gear. Land rover and many other garages including specialist wrote the gearbox off and said similar cost to what your being threatened with. I couldn't / wouldn't believe it/

So basically on the gear box is the sector cable and have a union on it which is ment to pivot, but over time it doesn't. and then causes a slight miss reading for the gear selector in box for a £10 part but I found that marking its location and then removing cleaning, re-greasing and reinstalling proved that the box is 100% and then replaced the pivot with a new part. but to be honest he clean/ re-grease part would of been fine.

lay under vehicle and you'll see if looks


I do accept your fault is a little different so might not be applicable to you but cannot harm and if anyone else if searching RR gearbox fault then might help them

Good luck.

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If its an auto and fails on an incline have you checked the ATF level ???? I know nothing about RRC but if its a ZF gearbox and you are low on ATF you will loose gears.

I don't think they make a TDV8 RRC in 08 (oh, if only...).

It does sound strange that this would magically start happening after an electrical issue. So I'd look there first.

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Re check fault codes and if you can post them here word for word, not just the gearbox faults, engine, suspension, transfer box too.

Do all above checks already mentioned.

Also make sure tyre pressures are spot on and all tyres are the same size......I know, I know this is an absolute weird request and suggestion, just make sure all is well.

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