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Door top sliding window catch


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Hi all,

A one off visit to these parts since I now have series doors on my 90. I'm having a bit of trouble with the plastic window latches, as below. Couldn't actually get them to fit on either door, I could get them on there but there was no way in hell that I could ever push up the plastic slider to 'lock' the window. So I got the file out, and did me a bit of filing until they fitted. I don't really think I took off any more than I absolutely needed to, but now if I have the catch engaged I can slide the window past it with a bit of effort.

Is this about right, and it's as good as it's gonna get? Is there an alternative catch I can fit? Or do I really need to take the windows and channel out to see why it doesn't seem to fit? (not going to happen!!)


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